I’m Detecting Bad Breath & Brilliant Content Marketing

Don’t you hate it when after a rushed start to your morning, trying to get out of the door as quickly as possible, you realize a little too late that you forgot to brush your teeth? And then you do that awkward thing where you cup your hand in front of your mouth and blow out while quickly trying to take a big sniff to see how rank your combo of morning breath and coffee breath smells that day? It’s ok to admit because we’ve all done it. And of course it’s awkward so you try to do it all inconspicuously without everyone noticing. Well thankfully, Orabrush understands our pain and has us covered with this handy-dandy Bad Breath Detector iPhone app. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourselves – I promise by the end of it, you’ll be giggling like a fool.

So what does a YouTube video targeting gullible people have to do with content marketing? The website WhatIs did a great job at defining content marketing:

“Content marketing is the publication of material designed to promote a brand, usually through a more oblique and subtle approach than that of traditional push advertising. The essence of good content marketing is that it offers something the viewer wants, such as information or entertainment. Content marketing can take a lot of different forms, including YouTube videos, blog posts and articles. It shouldn’t really seem like marketing — in some cases, in fact, it should only be identifiable as marketing because the advertiser is identified as the content provider.”

Now that consumers have the power to conduct their own research on products before making a purchasing decision, they don’t want to be pitched to. Instead, when consumers search for information, they want to see authentic, authoritative information that educates them on how to solve their problem so that they can feel confident that they are about to make an informed decision. With Content Marketing, you have to switch from the mindset of making a sales pitch to one of teaching and providing content that draws people in and entertains them. According to Brian Clark’s white page The Business Case For Agile Content Marketing, “The goal is to continually move people into the audience at the point where they want to enter, and then deeper into the stronger relationship circles.” By creating content that is funny or speaks with authority, customers are going to get drawn in, start trusting you, and want to know more, thus starting a relationship with your brand.

Back to our little case study on Orabrush. Over the years, Orabrush has spent quite a chunk of money on more traditional forms of advertising, like TV ads. Not only are TV campaigns costly, but they are often viewed as interruptions by viewers who are constantly bombarded by advertisements. And lets face it, we have all seen so many different dental hygiene commercials that it’s so easy to tune them out. So fixed with this little problem, Orabrush decided to give Content Marketing a try and spent $500 on creating this funny youtube video, that not once mentioned their products. And the result? As of 2011, the youtube video had caught over 1.7 million viewers attention, over 295,000 are now fans of Orabrush on facebook, and over 4,000 people are following Orabrush on twitter. By embracing Content Marketing, Orabrush was able to capture viewers attention and differentiate themselves from all the other dental hygiene brands out there.







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