Nerd Alert: Two Hour Coding Challenge

Back in high school (yes, unfortunately I am unlocking those memories that I had purposefully shut out for so many years now) my favorite class was Biology because I had an awesome teacher who made the class incredibly interesting. And I was kind of a teacher’s pet. Or at least I was until the following year when I took Chemistry with the same teacher. It was a great start to the year until I stubbornly announced that I refused to memorize the periodic table because I was never going to use it again outside of this class (six years later, I still haven’t done a thing that has required me to know the periodic table chart. It’s one of the many reasons I love being a Marketing Major and not a Science Major!) This may have resulted in me failing all of the quizzes on the periodic table chart. But since I worked hard and got good grades on everything else, my teacher was kind enough to give me extra credit. This teacher was one of the original creators of, so instead of assigning writing reports for his classes, he had us students create a Creationwiki page on whatever topic we were covering in class at the time. My extra credit opportunity came in the form of coding and reformatting these student’s pages. I remember getting so frustrated as a sophomore in high school trying fix the formatting issues students were having without having any prior knowledge of coding. I didn’t even know at the time that what I was doing was even called coding!

So when Prof. Mark Staton challenged my class to spend two hours on learning the basics of coding, I was immediately filled with dread. I imagined two very long hours dragging on, filled with the same frustration that I experienced back in high school trying to figure out html code. Before creating an account for Codeacadamy, I read this AdAge article about all these college students who instead of going straight home on Spring Break, traveled from all over the country to attend a class on computer programming, hosted by the digital agency, Huge. All of the students who attended the class recognized how important and critical it is to be able to code in today’s digital world.  Seeing their enthusiasm to learn coding made me question the attitude I had going into the two hour coding challenge.

Once I started the lessons on Codeacademy, I completely lost track of time. The tutorials were simple and easy and made the experience fun and stress free. In just two hours, I had earned 36 points, learned the Fundamentals of HTML, built my own webpage, figured out how to liven up a page with font sizes, background colors, and alignment changes, and even started working on creating a Social Networking Profile.


If I had known about these lessons back in high school, I could have saved myself from many hours of frustration and changed my whole extra credit experience! But now that I’ve had a taste of everything I can learn at, I’m definitely going to continue to take advantage of this resource and continue expanding my knowledge on coding!


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