Upcycling: Sailing Towards Sustainability

In the past, claiming sustainability efforts through upcycling and the use of recycled materials used to be pretty impressive. But now that sustainability and being a “green” company is starting to catch on, recycling as much as possible goes without being said. If a company doesn’t when it easily could, consumers will notice and call them out. On the other hand, if a company tries to claim sustainability purely because of their recycling efforts, consumers aren’t impressed. It’s now a norm. The standard. Which is awesome. What that also means for companies is that if they want to use upcycling as a differentiator, it has to be creative and impressive.

One impressive example of upcycling is a gorgeous winery located in Guadalupe Valley, one of Mexico’s leading wine regions. The Vena Cava Winery, designed by married Alejandro D’Acosta and Claudia Turrent, is unique in the fact that the two architects designed the winery around upcycling old, abandoned boats, and using them as a roof. Its perfect! Not only are they already sturdy and waterproof, but you get that beautiful vaulted roof, adding a unique element to the building. On top of the aesthetic benefits, these old discarded boats now are converted from trash to being given a second life.

This isn’t the architects first time using upcycled materials in their designs – this couple has been known to use a variety of discarded materials, ranging from rammed earth to salvaged trash.

Source: Abandoned boats get new life as gorgeous winery buildings


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