I Cut My Ecological Footprint In Half!


Yeah, Baby! 2.33 Earths! After a lot of hard work, I have managed to cut my ecological footprint in half form 4.75 Earths three months ago! How did I do this? I pretty much went vegetarian, purchased organic foods, cut down my shower time, and quit my job in Seattle so I wasn’t commuting there from Bellingham every weekend. But I think the biggest factor was that I hadn’t previously been aware at how much energy and resources it took to support my lifestyle. Seeing all those lights left on in my roommate’s rooms when they weren’t at home started to drive me crazy!  Once I became aware, I started noticing more and more aspects of my life that I could be changing in order to be sustainably responsible. If everyone else on the world consumed at the same rate as I do, our planet still would be in trouble, but hey! It’s a start. Want to check out your Ecological Footprint? Here’s the nifty quiz to do so!


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