My excitement for marketing was sparked seven years ago, when I accepted the position of Yearbook Editor as a junior in high school. Writing copy and designing layouts soon became my passion, and as I entered college I entertained the idea of majoring in Graphic Design, with the hope of someday being able to make a career out of designing print advertisements or magazine layouts. While in my studio classes, I would often loose track of time, deeply absorbed in the work I was doing for my design projects. In the spring of 2013, I was enrolled in a Graphic Design Concepts class, as well as a marketing course on Buyer Behavior and Analysis. In the Graphic Design Concepts class, one week we would analyze the design elements of a print advertisement, and often the following week in my Marketing class we would analyze that same advertisement from a Marketing perspective. Despite my passion for Graphic Design, that quarter I realized that my love for the strategic elements behind Marketing was stronger, and I officially redirected my path towards pursuing a career in Marketing. This has led me to where I am today, a graduate of Western Washington University, with the goal of someday holding the position of Creative Director at an advertising agency.


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